When you see the two gentlemen wearing no pants on the cards of Utter Nonsense: Family Edition, you already know that you're about to experience something unconventional. It is absolutely an amusing experience, to put it lightly. The rules are simple. Everyone gets a hand of seven phrase cards, and one person is the judge. The judge draws an accent card. The rest of the players must proceed to pick one of the cards from their hand to pronounce in that accent. The judge then picks a winner -- whomever they thought was the best, funniest, or simply the best combination of phrase and accent. That winner gets the accent card to show their points and becomes the new judge. The first to five points wins.

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I laughed so hard, I almost peed.

— Amy Guth, WGN Radio

The most fun you can have with your voice.

— Jonathan Pitts, Improv Producer

This is the best game ever.

— Random 10-year-old boy